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A Candidate FOR THE PEOPLE!!
"I love this city and love my country.  I am running because of my desire to give back to  my community and be a voice FOR THE PEOPLE.  I believe that my experience as a veteran, teacher, and businessman and demonstrated leadership as a commissioner makes me the ideal candidate for mayor.  I prioritize people above government and will put an end to the city's constant pursuit of new tax increases.  I ask for your support and vote."


Roads & Infrastructure
  • Improving our roads is vital to residents and business; as a Commissioner I've demonstrated a commitment to prioritizing & increasing funding for our roads & essential services

    • Previous Chair of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority

    • Implemented new paving technology increasing number of miles repaired

Public Safety
  • Trust in our Public Safety is vital to a strong city; I will ensure our law enforcement and fire department are properly funded for recruitment, retention & training, and are transparent & working for all our residents

    • I Served two terms on the Colorado Springs Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee, including as Chair during my last year on the committee

    • I Will fix the lagging service/call response times, especially for 911, which auditors recently critiqued for being 4 times longer than their regional peers

    • I am experienced in government response to fires, flooding, evacuations, and other emergency responses; will garner public input and listen to resident needs and concerns

    • I served on the planning committee that consolidated city & county assets into a joint Pikes Peak Office of Emergency Management, increasing efficiency & cutting costs

Smart Growth
  • I will ensure Colorado Springs can support our community for the long-term while maintaining the qualities that make us a city where we can proudly live, work, and play

    • Every region/district of the city should be represented fairly, and so I am committed that all six districts and their residents benefit from our city's successes and investments

    • As a commissioner I've advanced land use and water master plans that protect our community, maximizes services, smartly utilizes infill and multi-use development

    • I will ensure safe and sufficient water resources for residents, and advance Eagle River/ Homestake II projects & agriculture water exchanges that benefit residents & ranchers 

Public Health
  • Ensuring safe and sufficient water resources, and a strong, healthy community.

    • A member of the Board of Health, I defended people's rights and freedoms while also ensuring the health of our residents during COVID, and getting students back to in-person schooling; Funded programs to help residents get back to work & support their families; I was a leading voice for our community protecting the rights of parents & individuals against government overreach

    • I successfully fought for federal funding to mitigate the DoD-related Widefield Aquifer contamination, and for health screening of residents; I will always fight for our residents

Strengthening Local Business
  • Strengthening our business community by streamlining processes & regulations, cutting "red tape," limiting fees, and promoting our local industries

    • I Promoted the use of CARES Act and American Rescue Plan Act funds for small business grants and workforce center training for our residents, saving businesses and helping get people back to work so they could provide for their families

    • An advocate for our military, a business-friendly climate & keeping Space Command 

    • My efforts led to the Colorado Springs metro area being the first in the state to fully recovery economically post-COVID.

Support to Residents - Veterans, Housing & Homelessness
  • Addressing affordable housing, veterans services, and homelessness within our community

    • We are home to the largest veteran community in the state.  As a member of the CO Board of Veterans Affairs I will ensure veterans receive the benefits they have earned.

    • As a previous liaison to the County Housing Authority, I understand the needs of the community and have supported efforts to address housing.  I will continue the community efforts to expand housing availability and affordability.​

    • I will work with our community partners and non-profits to match appropriate services with those in need, and clean up our neighborhoods


Annual Budget / Fiscal Responsibility & Low Taxes
  • I'm a proven good steward of your taxpayer dollars, streamlining processes and getting more "bang for the buck" for residents; I will prioritize our essential service

    • I will STOP THE TAX increases city leaders continue to pursue and place on residents

    • I believe in low taxes and that residents know how to best spend their own hard-earned money

    • I will NOT raise your taxes.  City residents previously approved revenue retention which can be used to properly fund roads, public safety & parks without any additional taxes.

    • As a commissioner we implemented new software in multiple departments that saved money over the long term and new road paving technology that repairs more miles  

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